Dashboard: The Dashboard is where all the magic happens. Each user has a unique dashboard that can be accessed from http://my.overlay.live

Device: A device is either a physical (hardware) or virtual (software) entity that is responsible for providing one or multiple sensor data points to the Overlay.live platform.

Manual Device: Manual Devices are devices which require a custom configuration step to be linked with a specific User Account and Device Key on Overlay.live.

Managed Device: Managed Devices are devices that are autonomously integrated. Aside from downloading a base image or a smartphone application, a managed device is able to automatically register itself onto the Overlay.live network and link itself to its owner. Once online, the managed device appears automatically in the user’s device list. Additionally, managed devices support automatic software updates which can be automatically pushed out on the next device startup, or forced upon all online devices by the Managed Device developer.

While Managed Device developers are responsible for maintaining the software which runs on the devices, the Overlay.live team verifies the code for all managed devices before adding these to the compatible ‘Works with Overlay.live’ managed device list.

Overlay: An Overlay is a layer (with transparent background) that loads onto a webpage and can be added as an input source onto any live video production software. An Overlay can display telemetric data from selected device sensors onto any video feed.

Overlay URL: The Overlay URL is a unique webpage link that corresponds to an Overlay. This URL can be found below the green preview area in the overlay inspector. Overlay URLs do not require authentication to be accessed. This allows users to easily share their URLs with others.

API Key: The API Key (at times referred as the User Key) is a unique identifier for a given user on the overlay.live platform. The API key is very valuable and should be kept private as it allows anyone in possession of the key to use a user’s private space on the network. API Keys can be reset if necessary however.

Device Key: Device Keys are identifiers on the overlay.live platform for each registered device. It’s the combination of the API key plus Device Key that allows the overlay or dashboard monitoring to access the readings from a device.

Sensors: Devices can carry one or multiple sensors. The sensor can be physical or virtual on the overlay.live platform. A sensor corresponds to a data point streamed to the platform by a device. Sensors come with associated metadata such as manufacturer, hardware revision, units etc.