How to Add a Manual Device

To add a manual device to your account follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to the Dashboard

Head over to the page and login with your account credentials.

Step 2: Select ‘Add Manual Device’ from the Sidebar

In the sidebar on the left side of the Dashboard click the ‘add Manual Device’ button. This will open the Manual Device configuration page on the main content area.

Step 3: Name your Device.

This name is going to be the display name for your device as it appears in your Dashboard, in the sidebar once added.

Note: You can always click on a device in the sidebar later to edit this name. Renaming a device won’t affect functionality in any way.

Step 4 (optional): Set a Custom Device Key

By default, we automatically generate a Device Key for your new Manual Device. This is an extra layer of security in the event of someone getting access to your API key. Nevertheless, for Manual Devices you are can choose your own Device Key.

Note: Once set, a Device Key can’t be changed – It’s a unique identifier that stay’s with the device as long as the device is registered with your account. The only way to reset a Device Key is to delete the device and re-install it.