Monitor the status of a Managed Device

Managed devices have the advantage to allow in real-time status monitored.

For all managed devices, monitoring is achieved via some simple visual cues in your Dashboard. You will notice that in the Sidebar, each managed device appears with a little icon in front of it’s name. Status monitoring changes the icon color to reflect a current status.

Three device statuses can currently be monitored:

  • Green: Online => The device is online
  • Red: Offline => The device isn’t connected to the network – and assumed offline
  • Blue: Updating => The device is either booting up or updating its internal software. In this case, patience.

Keep in mind that you can also monitor a device’s status from the Device inspector.

Note: for the moment, device monitoring offers only simple status read-outs. Although useful for fleet managers to quickly identify online/offline devices it remains very limited. We are looking at integrating more refined status and logs in the near future – stay tuned.