Add a Telemetry Overlay in OBS

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a useful software application for video production. It’s simple, lightweight and most importantly, free and open source.

You can download the latest version of OBS from the official website. Here is how to load an Overlay from and use it in OBS:

Step 1: Open OBS and add a ‘Browser’ source

In OBS you can select various source types as inputs. To add an overlay from we must select the ‘Browser’ type from the source options.

Step 2: Enter the Overlay URL

In the OBS browser source configuration window, we are able to insert the URL of a webpage to load as well as specify its loading dimensions.

  • Head over to your dashboard in select the Overlay to open it with the Overlay Inspector.
  • Scroll all the way below the green preview and select the Overlay URL.
  • Copy Paste this URL into the OBS webpage URL.
  • Important:Make sure to enter 1920 x 1080 page resolution, as this is the resolution we use.

Step 3: Save and display the Overlay

You can now save and close the browser source configuration page. In your sources, make sure that the source is visible. OBS should automatically refresh the page and load the Overlay.

This Overlay will continuously keep itself updated with the latest values streamed from your sensors.

Note: If you make modifications to the layout of the overlay from the overlay inspector, you will need to refresh the source in OBS to update it to the latest adjustments you made. In the future, we plan to add a hard-refresh option directly from within the Overlay inspector.