How to record an Overlay’s data

Recording overlay data is handy feature that allows you to record all of the incoming data points from the sensors present on a given Overlay.

Step 1: Navigate to your Overlay

From within your Dashboard. Select an Overlay to open it in the Overlay inspector.

Step 2: Open the Overlay Recorder

At the top of the inspector above the green preview area, there is a small button that is called “Recorder”. Click this button to open the overlay data recorder.

Step 3: Start recording

Because this recorder runs in a different window, this means that you can navigate in your Dashboard while continuously recording what’s happening. Click start Recording to record all the data from the sensors present on the Overlay preview area.

This will record for each received data the values of all sensors.

Step 4: Stop a recording and download the data

When the recording is stopped, you can download the recorded results as a .csv file. You can load this file into a spreadsheet to analyze the data or create visualizations.

Note: the overlay data recording is still a work in progress. All feedback is appreciated!