Dashboard Tour and Main Functions

The Overlay.live Dashboard is available at http://my.overlay.live. The Dashboard is where we’ve located all the tools and features for users of the Overlay.live platform. In this section we will run through the main features offered by the Dashboard.


The Sidebar on the left side of the Dashboard is where you will find the list of Devices connected to your account and exiting overlays. It is from the sidebar directly that you can add new devices or create new overlays.

Devices in the sidebar are identified by small icons which indicate which is a Managed Device and which is a Manual one. In the case of Managed Devices, the icon also allows you to monitor device status.

Tip: Both Devices and Overlays that appear in the sidebar can be renamed to facilitate better organization of your workspace.

Note: There are limitations to the amount of devices connected and overlays you can create with your account. This depends on your subscription status. Refer to the Pricing page to learn more about the various options we offer.

Main window area

To the right of the sidebar you will find the Main Window Area with various options and functions. These include:

  • Add Manual Device page
  • Add Managed Device page
  • Overlay Editing page
  • Account Settings page
  • Plan Selection page

Top Navigation bar

The Top Navigation bar gives you quick access to the main elements of the Overlay.live Dashboard. You can access:

  • Account Settings: Here you can change the various settings of your account. These include account email, password, connected social accounts and the ability to retrieve your user API key.
  • Plan: Here you can see which plan the user is currently subscribed to. Switch to another plan, etc.
  • Logout