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Debuting Commands – Do More with Overlay.live Devices

One word: commands. Until now, the job of any device connected to Overlay.live was to stream telemetric data. It’s simple: stream the data and use it to generate real-time telemetric overlays for broadcast and live streaming. But what if we could go the other way around? What if with the press of a button you […]


Overlay.live Android App Now on the Play Store

It’s been a little more than a year now that we’ve semi-privately released the first beta version of the Overlay.live android app on the plays store. Now after several months a re-design and development, the new app version is and publicly listed! Whohooo \0/ You can download it from here on the Google Play store. Overlay.live […]

[Guide] Overlay Air Quality Index (AQI) telemetry

Air quality in our modern cities is a big concern. Most often poor air quality is due to industry but also the masses of cars (in western countries) and scooters/motorbikes (in Asia) that crowd the streets of our cities and pollute the air with fine particles. Here is how you can raise awareness about this issue.


ROG_EXT Video Installation Guide

The ROG_EXT is by far the most popular Managed Device at Overlay.live. This very simple but effective connector helps PC enthusiasts to monitor readings from sensors on select ASUS Motherboards. Today we are releasing our first fully fledge video tutorial of the overlay.live platform – and it’s using as an example device the ROG_EXT.

Compatible WiFi Adapters for your Overlay.live Raspberry Pi

We receive many questions from users about what USB WiFi adapters they should use on the Raspberry Pi. Surprisingly this is not just a request from Raspberry Pi 2 users – which doesn’t come with on-board wireless functionality. It seems also that “a lot” are having issues with Raspberry Pi 3 itself and deal with broken […]

[Video] Hand’s On the ROG_EXT by elmorlabs

We just published a hands-on video with the ROG_EXT by elmorlabs. The ROG_EXT is a Managed Device for Overlay.live which we introduced a few months ago. It is now available in stock and we wanted to share with you some more information about what it can do and most importantly show you what it actually […]


Overlay.live exhibits with Cooler Master at CES 2018

Quick news to share a little video we shot thanks to our friend Karl at CES in Las Vegas. That’s right, we’ve been to Vegas earlier this month to run a small exhibit on the CES 2018 Cooler Master suite. Over there, for four days, we demoed overlay.live along with French Pro-Overclocker Wizerty which we mentioned […]

Overclocker Wizerty uses Telemetry to level up his streams

Telemetry is one way to highlight valuable information from your rocket launch … hmm well in this case, it’s not a rocket, it’s a PC. Pro Overclocker (no1 in France) Wizerty is a seasoned enthusiast involved in an extreme eSport known as “overclocking”. His thing? Cranking up the gigahertz on his PC, cooling it down […]

[Guide] ASUS ROG Motherboard Telemetry Overlay

In this guide, we will show you how to overlay Telemetric data from your ASUS ROG Motherboard using Overlay.live. For this guide we will be using Overlay.live’s Managed Device functionality. No coding skills or linux knowledge required here. With Managed Devices it is super simple. All you need is; a RaspberryPi (2 or 3), the […]


Overlay telemetry from all ASUS ROG motherboards

If you’ve been following this project, you may know that streaming telemetry from PCs holds a very special place in our hearts. After several months of development and collaboration we are proud to announce that this is now fully possible. Today you are able to read, stream, and overlay telemetry from nearly all ASUS Republic of […]