Compatible WiFi Adapters for your Raspberry Pi

We receive many questions from users about what USB WiFi adapters they should use on the Raspberry Pi. Surprisingly this is not just a request from Raspberry Pi 2 users – which doesn’t come with on-board wireless functionality. It seems also that “a lot” are having issues with Raspberry Pi 3 itself and deal with broken on-board wireless. Ouch :/

So to narrow down the choice for you of alternative adapters, here is a list of the known to work WiFi adapters that are fully compatible with the host OS we use for

These options are great alternative to the on-board wireless adapter and also offer most of the time much better speeds and transfer rates than what you’d get by default.

Important : Keep in mind that using additional USB devices on the Raspberry Pi will demand more power to the board. Make sure to power your Raspberry Pi with a 2.5A power adapter.

Compatible adapters

Note : most adapters listed on the elinux rpi wifi page or devices which use one of the linux-firmware-ath9k, linux-firmware-ralink and linux-firmware-rtl8192cu firmwares should work correctly.

So that’s it. Hopefully this list is useful in some way. If you have any questions or issues using wireless connectivity with your RPI, head over to our community forums for support.

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