Cooler Master Power Supply added as Managed Device

Today we are really excited to announce the addition of a new Managed Device for Overlay.live, the Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker PSU.

We’ve been working with Cooler Master on this project since our presentation of the Overlay.live platform earlier this year at Computex and it’s been a blast. Week after week the project took shape, and it is now a fully fledged managed device – a new member of the Overlay.live compatible devices ecosystem. Read more


Beta launch of the Overlay.live broadcaster app for Android

Today we are quite excited to launch the beta of our very first android app for overlay.live, the Overlay.live Broadcaster.

App story | Use-case

Imagine that you are riding down snowy slopes of Mammoth Mountain. Or that you are playing a paintball match with your local club in central manhattan. When you would simply see these practices as simple hobbies streamers or creative producers see here an opportunity to create entertainment for viewers. Read more


Stepping out of alpha, entering public beta

Hello World!

After months of coding (hat’s off to Alex our dev) and testing, the overlay.live platform is now ready to be tested hand’s on by anyone. We’ve been awaiting this day for quite a while now, and even if not everything is quite finished yet – it’s time to launch!

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