ROG_EXT Video Installation Guide


The ROG_EXT is by far the most popular Managed Device at Overlay.live. This very simple but effective connector helps PC enthusiasts to monitor readings from sensors on select ASUS Motherboards.

Today we are releasing our first fully fledge video tutorial of the overlay.live platform – and it’s using as an example device the ROG_EXT.

The ultimate How-to tutorial

This video might very well be about the ROG_EXT, it’s nonetheless the same process that applies for all the other Managed Devices at Overlay.live.

In this video you will be learning about the following steps :

  • components needed to setup a Managed Device
  • configure and download a Managed Device image from the user dashboard
  • flash an image onto you SD Card
  • connect your Managed Device with your Raspberry Pi and bring it online
  • list sensors and monitor their readings from the dashboard
  • create and configure a new overlay
  • add an overlay in OBS to display live telemetry

Here is the video :

If watching a video isn’t your thing, you might want to consider reading our guide on how to get telemetry from ASUS ROG motherboards. This guide contains some screenshots from the steps which you can refer to while you proceed.

Comments or questions?

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