Overclocker Wizerty uses Telemetry to level up his streams

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Telemetry is one way to highlight valuable information from your rocket launch … hmm well in this case, it’s not a rocket, it’s a PC. Pro Overclocker (no1 in France) Wizerty is a seasoned enthusiast involved in an extreme eSport known as “overclocking”. His thing? Cranking up the gigahertz on his PC, cooling it down with liquid nitrogen and racing against others in the chase for world records.

Just like in any sports, the saying goes:

if it isn’t done live, it never happened!

Overclockers like Wizerty turn to live streaming on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube Gaming to showcase live their achievements. Wizerty uses a highly entertaining medium to educate and share what makes them tick with other like-minded enthusiasts.

Use of Telemetry by Wizerty

Wizerty uses telemetry to show to his viewers important information from his computer. Using Overlay.live in combination with his TeVo X2ROG_EXT and his Cooler Master power supply, he displays the most important data in real-time – such as system temperatures, frequencies, key voltages and power consumption.

Below, a screenshot from his stream :

French overclocker wizerty uses overlay.live and telemetry to display realtime date on his stream

Screenshot from Wizerty’s stream

As you can see, the telemetry is displayed in the lower-right corner of the screen and is always visible. For him, beyond being an additional entertainment feature to his streams, telemetry is a necessity. It enables his audience to truly grasp what’s going on.

If you are interested in seeing it in action, you can subscribe to Wizerty’s Twitch and YouTube channels and watch recent replays over here.

Expecting More Performance Enthusiasts to Join

With the recent Managed Device support added for all ASUS ROG Motherboards through ROG_EXT, we thoroughly expect more PC performance enthusiast to join the platform.

If you too would like to join in and have questions about getting started with telemetry, head over to our community forums with your questions.