Overlay.live Android App Now on the Play Store

It’s been a little more than a year now that we’ve semi-privately released the first beta version of the Overlay.live android app on the plays store. Now after several months a re-design and development, the new app version is and publicly listed! Whohooo \0/

You can download it from here on the Google Play store.

Overlay.live Android App Features

If you tried the very first beta version of this app, you won’t recognize the new one. We pretty much redesigned the whole thing. We’ve taken a very different approach and baked into the app more usefulness. Here are some of the key new features and functionalities.


One of the most important feedback from the previous app was that it could just do one thing. Now straight from the first screen you can see all your connected devices sorted by type (managed or manual) and see which is online or not.

Overlay.live Android App Device Tab

Selecting with a tap a device, you can browse through all of it’s sensors and get live read-outs from each. And if your device supports the new command functionality which we just introduced, then these will be list just below.

Overlay.live Android App Device Monitoring

Dashboards for your sensors and commands

Some devices come with 10 to 20 sensors and another 5 to 10 commands. This can quickly become a scrolling headache as you are trying to monitor the few important sensors your care about. Within the Dashboard tab of the app you can create a space to display only the sensors and commands you care about.

Overlay.live Android App Telemetry Dashboard

A cool thing with Dashboards is that they can also display a combination of sensors or commands sourced from multiple devices at once. Try Dashboards and you won’t be able to live without. These will definitely become your preferred monitoring companion.


Finally, the broadcaster. As soon sa you login to your account, this app will automagically add your phone as a managed device. It will be labelled under “New Mobile Device” in your Overlay.live account. There is no need to manually configure anything anymore.

Overlay.live Android App Smartphone Sensor Stream

Just like before, you can stream straight from your smartphone the following sensor data :

  • Compass
  • GPS location
  • Acceleration
  • Calculated speed (based on your GPS location) – still experimental!

This is definitely a functionality for developers. Please shows us your projects 🙂

Some final words

We hope you will like this new app. It’s still obviously a work in progress and if you notice some bugs, make sure to let us know.

Important notice : to login with the app, you need first to link your Overlay.live account with your Twitch account. You can do so over here. This is something we hope to resolve very soon.