Overlay telemetry from all ASUS ROG motherboards


If you’ve been following this project, you may know that streaming telemetry from PCs holds a very special place in our hearts. After several months of development and collaboration we are proud to announce that this is now fully possible.

Today you are able to read, stream, and overlay telemetry from nearly all ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) motherboards with Overlay.live. Using an Overlay.live Managed Device is extremely simple and … automagical.

Here are the features:

Telemetry from ASUS ROG motherboards

ASUS, and the Republic of Gamers (ROG) motherboard brand is one of the most innovative PC brands out there. Since the early days of the DIY PC market the ROG engineering team at ASUS have been working hard to on create the ultimate motherboard product offerings.

For both Intel and AMD ROG motherboards you can now interface from Overlay.live (via a RaspberryPi) to the onboard ROG_EXT port of the motherboard – allowing you to access a broad range of live telemetry from your system.

Here is a list of the sensors that are available:

  • Boot Code
  • CPU Ratio
  • CPU Cache Ratio
  • BCLK
  • CPU Frequency
  • V1
  • V2
  • VCore
  • DRAM Voltage
  • CPU Temp
  • CPU Fan Speed

This is pretty incredible, and actually, even more advanced read-outs are possible with high/low, targets etc.

Connecting with Overlay.live

In order to hook up your motherboard to Overlay.live you have two options:

  1. The “Automagical” way (aka the easy way) as an Overlay.live Managed Device
  2. The “Manual” way using for example the Overlay.live nodeJS library and a bit of code.

In both cases, you will need an adapter designed by ElmorLabs conveniently named the “ROG_EXT” which looks like this:


ROG_EXT for ASUS ROG Motherboard i2c telemetry read-out

You can connect this ROG_EXT clip-on device to our very own TeVo X2 (as in Temperature Voltage times 2) RaspberryPi extension hat. This will also add two K-Type thermocouple readers and two voltage readers. The complete system looks like this:


ROG_EXT connected to the TeVo X2 RPi hat

The ElmorLabs ROG_EXT connects directly onto the motherboard’s ROG_EXT port and allows you to read information from the motherboard and communicates via i2c (4 little wires).


ROG_EXT port on an ASUS ROG motherboard

So if this is already too technical for you, just know that :

  1. You can connect it to a RaspberryPi and run it automagically as a Managed Device from Overlay.live – it just works.
  2. Or, you can customize a few things about it and with a bit of code use it for any projects you may have in mind. We will release sample codes for that a little later.

Once connected to your Overlay.live account, you will be able to read, stream and overlay all of the information received from your motherboard.


Telemetry read out from TeVo X2 + ROG_EXT on Overlay.live

Order and options

Currently, Overlay.live’s unique Managed Device feature is free. This is a great opportunity for anyone to use the platform to it’s full extend in an easy-to-use fashion.

We will be shipping the ROG_EXT alone, or bundled with the TeVo X2. The combo can for many people (mostly overclockers but also techtubers) effectively replace expensive temperature monitoring solutions for a fraction of the costs. And it’s still fully customizable!

Note: The TeVo X2 will be shipping end of Q1 2018 – but we would already ship you everything else on order.

This means that you can order through either of the following 3 options (shipping included):

For both the Starter and Pro pack, the included Overlay.live premium will be retroactively awarded once the current free period is over (sometimes mid-2018). Until then, support is included.

For any questions, please contact Tim directly : tim@overlay.live

Guides and How-To

We prepared two guides to help you get started with ROG motherboard telemetry on Overlay.live.