Stepping out of alpha, entering public beta

Hello World!

After months of coding (hat’s off to Alex our dev) and testing, the overlay.live platform is now ready to be tested hand’s on by anyone. We’ve been awaiting this day for quite a while now, and even if not everything is quite finished yet – it’s time to launch!

Overlay.live platform registration

Today, we’ve opened up the account registration which will give users access to their dashboard.

From the Overlay.live dashboard, users are able to:

  • create new devices and hook them up to either physical ones (IoT or else) or virtual (windows application for example)
  • create overlays
  • connect accounts (twitch or twitter)
  • change passwords and other usual things
  • retrieve the user’s API key, and device keys

Documentation & Device management

For the moment our documentation isn’t up yet, so please bear with us a little more. The documentation will come with:

  • some sample codes
  • basic schematics of how you can create and use the overlay.live platform to “telemetrify” your live streams.

We hope to get the documentation up and running very soon.

Entering Beta

Now that the core of the software is operational, we are leaving our private alpha stage and declare the “beta” of overlay.live open. Beta means that nothing is totally final. We are still building and adjusting things. So do not panic if things get broken now and then – simply report your bugs via our contact form. (using Support)

We are currently a presentation of the platform at the technikPR industry at Computex on may 31st. Looking forward.

That’s it for the news from us so far. I’ll be back detailing out next evolutions coming to the platform soon, stay tuned.