Today we are quite excited to launch the beta version of our very first android app for, the Broadcaster.

App story | Use-case

Imagine that you are riding down snowy slopes of Mammoth Mountain. Or that you are playing a paintball match with your local club in central Manhattan. When you would usually see these practices as simple hobbies, streamers or creative producers see an opportunity to create entertaining content. Concept - Telemetry overlay for Snowboard Concept – Telemetry overlay for Snowboard

We first started this app project with in mind the following targets:

  • overlay someones location on a map or a mini-map
  • overlay in real time the speed and acceleration of an athlete (or a drone?)
  • overlay other data points from on-board sensors such as temperature, barometry, humidity (this would depend on your smartphone)
  • or overlay computed data such as speed or altitude which are being extrapolated from ones GPS location

The broadcaster android app is here to provide exactly that.

Right now, it does just simple stuff, like reading GPS coordinates, acceleration, compass and extrapolates speed (still working on some bugs for that one) – we will polish its functionalities (and fix bugs) with user’s feedback over the coming weeks.

The app is available for download as a beta through the the google play store. To get it, follow this link :

Tour of the Broadcaster App for Android

Here are some screenshots of the app as it is today:

Screenshot from the Broadcaster Android App


Once the app is running, you can register your smartphone as a Manual Device on your Dashboard to receive the readings from the selected onboard sensors.

Screenshot from the dashboard

Next development step

Now, admittedly there isn’t much purpose for displaying raw GPS coordinates for a broadcast. Nobody really cares.

The next step for us is to integrate to the dashboard a specific module to overlay device locations on maps. The map overlay module will display, one to multiple sensor locations read from the device’s GPS. This can then be used for some real-life applications – see prototype below: multiple players placed on a map in downtown New York… Concept - Players real-time position as overlay on a map Concept – Players real-time position as overlay on a map

WIP, Coming soon…