First Public Appearance at the TechnikPR Industry Party

TechnikPR Industry Party at Computex 2017

A few weeks ago, we attended the Computex 2017 trade show in Taipei, Taiwan. The show is among the largest technology trade shows in the world. An opportunity we couldn’t miss! And what better place to introduce a new product than a party! A Party?

Introducing the Platform

We chose the Technik PR industry party to unveil the platform to the public. The demonstration also included a demonstration of the TeVo X2 – the first prototype (aka. the proof of concept device) that fully integrates with the platform as a Managed Device.

Managed Devices are select devices which seamlessly integrate with the platform. A feature for premium users, Managed Devices simply remove everything that could go wrong with hardware. No terminal, no manual modifications into configuration files, no complexities, no technicalities. “Get it, burn it, and it just works”.  (Read more about our premier offering) demo with TeVo X2

The platform demo at the technik PR party on Computex 2017

The evening was a formidable occasion for us to introduce the latest hardware and software updates released by our team.

In the attendance, a lot of media of course, but also some industry insiders from various backgrounds (Maps solutions, Cloud brokers, IoT specialists etc.). This was a night rich in new connections curious to see the potential of being unleashed.

Timothee Pineau introducing the platform at the technikpr party on computex 2017

Timothee Pineau ( co-founder – left) introducing the platform to guests at the technik PR industry party.


What’s coming next?

Some quick updates.

  • We are now working on the final software adjustments to the platform.
  • The TeVo X2 from EPEAK Gears already started shipping to some (lucky) early testers worldwide and an updated version of the hardware is in the works to bring some minor adjustments.
  • The website is getting some updates and illustrations here and there. We are also progressively adding new pages with more information in regards to the Premium offering and managed devices.
  • Very soon expect a small community forum to spawn. This will be the place for user to user support and ongoing project discussions.


Thanks to technik PR for the amazing evening, opportunity and pictures above.