node.js library published for

Good news everyone! Today we officially announce the Node.JS library for The publication of this library echoes our plan to let everyone connect devices with

This node.js library is the exact same one we are using internally for the proof of concept managed devices we presently have – like the TeVo X2 RaspberryPi shield or the Cooler Master PSU telemetry.

Node.JS Library available on Github

Just like any other cool code project, we’ve made node.js library sources available on github for easy access, clone, fork. Link :

Over there you will find some additional information regarding the library and its functionalities. Our dev Alex (@drakulo) also prepared some simple example codes to help you kick-start your journey.

If you happen to have any questions or comments about the library, I’d recommend you to use the Github interface to open a new issue.

How to use it?

To use the node.js library, you need to have an account (register here), with a Manual Device added to your dashboard. To pair your application with this device, you will need to configure in your code the right user API Key (key to your account – can be found in your dashboard account settings) and the device key to to the one you just created.

Try it out – it’s easy.

Community Support

Which leads me to my next point, community. This is something we’ve already mentioned earlier and that is still in the works. Let’s just say we had other priorities.

However, no stress… It’s now been seriously addressed and we will have something up and running very soon. Community support (aka. a forum) will be the ideal place to share your projects and seek support and advice from fellow members.

Keep In Touch

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Illustration by Christopher G.