Cooler Master Power Supply added as Managed Device

Today we are really excited to announce the addition of a new Managed Device for Overlay.live, the Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker PSU.

We’ve been working with Cooler Master on this project since we presented the Overlay.live platform to them earlier this year at Computex and it’s been a blast. Week after week the project took shape, and it is now a fully fledged Managed Device – a new member of the Overlay.live compatible devices ecosystem.

Live Telemetry from Your Power Supply

Nowadays high-end PSUs offer a trove of useful information. Since manufacturers made the switch to digital controllers within the PSUs, it is fairly simple to provide read-outs from various features of the PSU.

For example, you can read Voltage for each rail (12V, 5V and 3.3V) but also other data including current, fan speed, temperature and most important of all, real-time power consumption in Watts.

Cooler Master already offered reads from this power supply via a supplied Bluetooth dongle which then combined with a smartphone app. This is where our collaboration started – upon inquiry, Cooler Master opened up the PSU read-out data, creating a library for us to tap into the readings. And it worked like magic.

Use it as a Managed Device

As a Managed Device on the Overlay.live platform, this PSU is now fully certified “Works with Overlay.live“. This means that no code or complex configuration is required from the end-users. With a few clicks, you can get started and use it as a telemetry source for your streams.

Four simple steps :

  1. Make the connection between the PSU and your RPi base (see connection schematics below)
  2. Download the pre-configured image from your Overlay.live Dashbaord
  3. Burn the image with Etcher, and insert the card into your Pi
  4. Boot up, wait for the sync, and you are done (be patient here, this step might take a few minutes – hit refresh in your dashboard device list).

Note: As a Managed Device for Overlay.live, the Cooler Master MasterWatt maker comes with support for both RPi2 and RPi3 – the later comes with the advantage of on-board WiFi support.

connection from the MasterWatt PSU to the Raspberry Pi – two wires only, you can’t go wrong!

Try it out – Tell us what you think

Presently, as we are still in Beta, Managed Device usage is free and unlimited. Try it out and share your impressions!


Photo by Thomas Kvistholt on Unsplash